Process Flow

The instructions below show how Users, Merchants process with Fizen Pay for payment requests.
Process flow

Charge status

Based on the certain payment status, the charge status should be updated accordingly:
  • NEW: Merchant has been newly created a charge for a payment order.
  • PENDING: The payment has been made by user transaction on the blockchain and waiting for confirmation.
  • COMPLETED: The transaction is confirmed and the payment amount has met the expectation.
  • EXPIRED: No transaction has been detected until the expired time. (1 day after the charge is created)
  • UNRESOLVED: The transaction is confirmed and the payment amount has NOT met the expectation. There are 5 contexts for UNRESOLVED payment as described below.
    • UNRESOLVED - UNDERPAID: The amount is less than expected.
    • UNRESOLVED - OVERPAID: The amount is greater than expected.
    • UNRESOLVED - MULTIPLE: There are more than 1 transaction sent for 1 payment.
    • UNRESOLVED - DELAYED: The transaction has been sent after the expired time.
    • UNRESOLVED - OTHER: Other unsuccessful payment reasons.
  • RESOLVED: The merchant has marked an UNRESOLVED payment as resolved
  • CANCELLED: The merchant has canceled the payment. Only NEW charges can be canceled.
  • REFUNDED: The merchant has marked a payment as refunded. The refund process is made by the merchant outside of Fizen Pay. Fizen Pay doesn't manage this process.